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Jasmine Hemsley

Ayurvedic pantry essentials that Wellness guru Jasmine Hemsley swears by.

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David de Rothschild

Adventurer David de Rothschild unpacks his essentials for life in the wild.

The things that challenge you, are the things that will ultimately fulfil you the most.

David de Rothschild

Travel Safe Kit

By: The Lost Explorer

This is my essential trio. 

Cotton Bandana

By: 45R

Can’t go wrong with a high quality bandanna. It will be your best friend, from washing to straining tea! 

Superocean Heritage Watch

By: Breitling

Never underestimate the need for a good watch! It will help you to navigate!

Yak Jacket

By: The Lost Explorer

Don’t sound like a piece of plastic when your exploring, choose clothes made from natural fibres.

Limited Edition Playing Cards

By: Bicycle Eco

Playing cards are a great for long journeys and magic tricks. 

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David de Rothschild

David Mayer de Rothschild is the youngest heir to the Rothschild Banking Family of England, however, is best known for his work as an adventurer, ecologist, and environmentalist. To date, he has launched numerous projects and foundations to raise awareness about the plight of the environment. These endeavours include the 2010 launch of Plastiki, a sailing boat created from the reuse of approximately 12,500 water bottles to raise awareness of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch and, more recently, the launch of sustainable lifestyle brand The Lost Explorer.

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