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Danielle Duboise & Whitney Tingle

Danielle Dubois and Whitney Tingle, founders of organic lifestyle brand Sakara Life share their favourite clean beauty recommendations.

There are no rules. Any rule you think to be true was made up by someone somewhere. Change it if you want to.

Danielle Duboise

Q: What drives you on a daily basis?

Danielle Duboise: Knowing that our work is transforming lives and helping people feel empowered and joyful. It’s the clients that keep us going through challenging or stressful times.

Whitney Tingle: We are on a mission together and knowing that we’re making a real difference in people’s lives is everything.

Q: What do you think most women neglect when pursuing their career?

DD: Filling their own cups before giving to others.

WT: Their health. It’s easy to get stuck in that go-go-go mentality and not listen to warning signs from your body.

Q: When running Sakara, how do you best work collaboratively with someone else?

DD: Radical honesty. It’s baked into our culture to listen to and respect opinions while also handling feedback.

WT: We truly hire people who value the Sakara lifestyle. We hire  not only for skills but also alignment on our mission. When you’re aligned on a mission you can collaborate on anything.

Q: What are the greatest misconceptions people have about running a wellness brand?

DD: Ha! That we just sit around and meditate all day and don’t work all day and all night. It’s still a business and you give It all you’ve got.

WT: That people in wellness have It all figured out when really, knowing so much doesn’t mean you’re always perfect. it’s a practice!

Q: What are the hardest lessons you learned in your journey building Sakara to what it is today?

DD: Finding the right people and then managing them to a successful outcome. Everyone has a communication style, their own insecurities, hopes and dreams for their career and you have to lead with empathy

WT: There’s no right way to do things when you’re building something that no one has ever built before you which is true of Sakara. You have to figure things out as they come and other people aren’t always going to have answers better than your own intuition. 

Q: How do you combine a demanding career with other aspects of your personal life?

DD: I just let my worlds collide sometimes. I’m not only a mother when I’m with my daughter and I’m not just a CEO when I’m at work. I’m both of these things all the time, so sometimes my daughter has to come to a meeting or I have to respond to emails late at night. I try not to apologize for how my worlds merge.

Q: Do you ever feel the pressure of having to live up to your brand’s philosophy of health and wellness

DD: Absolutely not. There is no ideal at Sakara, that’s the whole point. I eat this way as much as I can. There’s no guilt here. No judgement. Wherever you are, there you are. It’s life, not a wagon to fall on and off of.

Active Botanical Serum

By: Vintner’s Daughter

The holy grail of luxe clean beauty. All their products work incredibly well and make you feel like a queen.

Soft Volume Powder

By: Playa

For girls on the go like us, this natural, pleasant-smelling dry shampoo is a must have. Great when you hit Pilates before the office and don’t have time to shower.

Beauty Water Drops

By: Sakara Life

Hydration and minerals are incredibly important for glowing skin and overall health but most water has been stripped of its naturally occurring minerals. Our drops “re-wild” water so that you reap the optimum benefits from every glass you drink. 

Bearberry Eye Repair Cream

By: Eminence

Helps us look fresh even after a long night working or out dancing (or up with the baby!).

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Danielle Dubois & Whitney Tingle

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