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Elle Macpherson

Model and entrepreneur Elle Macpherson is an icon known for her uncommon ability to adapt to the currents of change. Once nicknamed "The Body" by Time Magazine, the founder and CEO of lifestyle brand WelleCo has re-emerged as a leading figure in the lifestyle industry. Today, as her brand continues in its ascent, the former covergirl reflects on the value of experience and our collective desire for transformation.

Only an open mind can learn, and being open minded means you can recognise opportunity.

Elle Macpherson

Q: You’ve had a remarkable life and career. What has changed the most for you in the past 20 years?

Elle Macpherson: The rise of social media. When I was working in the 80s, it was a time when being iconic was desirable. The greater distance between our persona and the public, the greater our perceived success. Today the closer we are to our tribe, the greater our success. Learning to be flexible and to adapt and evolve have been tools that have helped me along the way. 

Q: How has your relationship with your body evolved over the years?

EM: I definitely had an Amazonian thing going on there. Being Australian, athletic, a swimmer, tall, and strong, it was unusual in the 1980s and 90s fashion world in NYC. I didn’t really fit the stereotypical model stature, but I learned to be me. When I relaxed fully into who I was and how I looked, I noticed I became more successful. I would tell young people today to embrace their uniqueness for all its magic.

Q: What do you feel has been your greatest asset, and how do you continue to nurture it?

EM: My greatest asset perhaps comes from being Australian, courageous, adventurous, and being willing to learn. Discipline has been an asset too.  I recognise commitment and consistency can change life situations. 

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