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7 Ways to Restore Your Boundaries

Create resilience, joy and improve the quality of your connections.

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    Set Intentions

    Clarify your thoughts by defining what is important to you. Journaling is a powerful mindfulness practice that can help to connect us with our thoughts. Author Julia Cameron, author of The Artist’s Way, recommends completing three pages of stream of consciousness writing first thing in the morning. These morning pages help to harness the meditative effects of the writing process. The goal is to steer our actions and not just run on autopilot.

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    Schedule Personal Downtime

    Spend time cultivating personal rituals that feel good. The goal is to create a dedicated space for you to replenish your sense of space and wellbeing. This time should be used as a time of personal recovery and not require too much effort or concentration. Any activities that take you out of your head and patterns of thinking like gentle exercise, cooking, or having long baths are best. These constructive moments of pause are vital to replenishing our physical and mental health and prevent burnout.

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    Digital Detox

    It is important to learn how to integrate technology into your life in healthy ways. Leave your phone charging in the kitchen at bedtime instead of by your bedside. Invest in an alarm clock instead of relying on your phone alarm. Read books rather than tablets with backlit screens. Even schedule quiet times in the day to turn your phone off. All these practices help to condition ourselves away from being too dependent on technology.

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    Learn to say no

    Learn to vocalise your intentions. Maintaining healthy relationships involves being able to set healthy boundaries. Afford yourself some time to consider what you want and need in the moment and act from that space. Intentionality action is key. Where this is not impossible, consider compromising.

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    Be Creative

    Creativity and our ability to play are some of the things that we lose as we get older. Being creative gives us the ability to access our emotions, relieve stress, and create psychological space for ourselves. No matter how small, regular acts of creativity can have a strong impact on our emotional lives.

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    Confide in Others

    It has been proven that confiding in others helps to relieve the body of internal stresses and held emotional tension. This is a powerful stress-relieving strategy. By sharing trusting others, this fosters a sense of bonding, which can be a huge benefit in times of stress. This allow us to connect with others in a deeper, more meaningful way.

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