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Trout and toradito ceviche in a bowl of tiger's milk dressed with sprigs of green

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A Tiger’s Milk Recipe

A simple take on a Peruvian kitchen staple.

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How To Make Ceviche

Peruvian chef Martin Morales, founder of the renowned Casita Andina group, shares his tips on making the perfect ceviche.


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    Shop Fresh

    Get sashimi grade fish. Fresh fish is essential so make friends with your fishmonger and buy locally sourced fish.

    Two fish on ice
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    Buy white fish

    Any white fish will do. I use pollock, coley, gurnard, dab, salmon, trout, crab, seabass, and sea bream.

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    Add Acid

    Peruvian, Brazilian, Indian or Spanish limes can be used. Other limes tend to have thick membranes and contain insufficient juice.

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    Add spice

    Amarillo Chillies, known in Peru as Aji Amarillo, are one of the many chillies used to accompany the citrus in the marinating process. They add a depth of flavour to the acidity. Other common choices are limo chilli, rocoto pepper and charapita chilli.


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    Slice the fish in 1 inch rhombus shaped pieces

    That way the tiger’s milk marinade can sear the ends nicely, but leave the middle raw if applied just a couple of minutes before serving.

    Bowl of scallop ceviche in a white bowl with blue rim
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    Marinade 2-3 minutes (at most) before eating

    The key to a great ceviche is that each ingredient mixes with another. Don’t over marinade. The chemical reactions only last for 5-8 minutes. After that all the fireworks stop!

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    Squeeze the lime by hand

    Don’t use a lime squeezer. That way you don’t interfere too much with the bitter membrane. Aim for quality over quantity and only squeeze ¾ of the lime’s juice, to avoid the bitterness of the citrus.

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Martin Morales

Martin Morales is an award winning Peruvian restaurateur, chef and founder of the Ceviche Family, a Latin American inspired restaurant group. He is also a cookbook author, entrepreneur and arts producer. He now runs Ceviche Family which includes Ceviche and Andina’s collection of six boutique award-winning restaurants and a bakery, a record label, an art gallery. He also hosts Martin’s Peruvian Kitchen (a YouTube Channel) and is a Trustee of Amantani. Visit his site here for more information.

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