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Beat the WFH Blues

Behavioural Health Advisor Kelley Hoag shares how to master the art of working-from-home.

How to Build Your Best Work-From-Home Routine
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    Start with a solid morning routine

    Whatever that means for you. Allowing this time to be separate from the work day is what’s important. That could mean doing a quick meditation before checking your phone, exercising before logging into email, drinking your coffee in silence or while you journal. It’s completely up to you, so play around with it and see what feels best.

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    Schedule something to look forward to

    There are so many free workshops, classes and fitness videos right now. Check a few out and put them on the calendar. This is also a great way to still foster face-to-face connections.
    I’d also recommend setting up face-time dates and hang outs. Schedule a night to cook dinner and eat it with your friends, or watch the same movie over the phone. Reach out to friends you haven’t seen a while, family members, your co-workers.

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    Build a healthy home routine

    A healthy home routine is ideally, all encompassing including sleep, movement, mindfulness, eating and relationships. However, meet yourself where you’re at! Start with the one thing you think will make the deepest impact and just do step one. A good place to look into is your morning, like I spoke about earlier. How you start your day really sets the tone!

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    Set Healthy Physical Boundaries

    Allow the kitchen to be where you eat, the bedroom where you sleep, the living room where you play. It creates a bit more separation in our minds and our behaviours.

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    Gather Your Resources

    If you’re interested in meditation, I recommend the Waking Up app. It’s the best guided app I’ve found and the meditations are only about 10 minutes long.

    In terms of booking something to look forward to, Six Degrees Society is an amazing resource. They have unique events that I always enjoy and create a connection from.

    Get yourself a pair of cozy slippers. They’re a work from home must! It’s ok to use your comfort to your advantage when it comes to productivity.

    You have me as a resource! I work with clients to create habits and routines that lead to sustained success. Plus I’m a seasoned work-from-home-er and can totally relate! You can book a free 30 minute consultation call with me here.

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Kelley Hoag is a Behavorial Health Advisor based in West Hollywood, California. Kelley utilises the science of Applied Behavior Analysis and the principles of holistic health to create and maximise the personal routines of her clients. Kelley has also been featured in The Wellness Mercantile, Voyage LA and the the podcasts, “Solo 2.0” “Mindfully Millennial” “It’s Not About You” and Betches “Diet Starts Tomorrow.” She is also a contributor for The Thirty.

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